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Distance Learning
Please visit the Distance Learning page for the Google Classroom codes and instructions.


TIS Students ROCK IT at the Feb. 2020 UIL Competition

Over 60 students showcased their many talents in this multi-district event

4th Grade Music Memory  – Jim Smith 

Nola Munk                      


4th Grade Ready Writing – Kimberly Street

Bailey Bonds                           Isaiah Edwards

Avery Smith – 6th Place         Austin Yancey – 4th Place


4th Grade Oral Reading – Sam Dauenhauer

Roxy Kelley                              Hunter Sivils

Lily Stokes                                Olivia Welch – 6th Place


4th Grade Chess Puzzle – Charles Walker

Dmarkas Demicco


4th Grade Math  – Julia Hankins

Carter Anderson – 4th Place            Maddison Brothers

Konner Dickert                                  Miles Ferrell – 5th Place


4th Grade Art Smart – Peggy Pridgen

McKenzie Edwards


4th Grade Spelling – Karen Deming

Grace Flores                 Addison Newton

Collin Webb                  Austin Yancey – 5th Place   


5th Grade Music Memory – Jim Smith – 1st Place Team

Braden Evans – 5th Place            Aniah Hyde

Alyssa Swaney


5th Grade Ready Writing – Ivy Morrison

Aspen Hobbs                     Tyler Neal

Jayden Runge                    Drue Walker – 3rd


5th Grade Oral Reading – Beth May

Kayleigh King              Kylie Landry

Alyssa Walker – 4th Place


5th Grade Chess Puzzle – Charles Walker 

Christian Strickland           Bruce Trayal – 5th Place (tied)

Wade Wright – 5th Place (tied)  


5th Grade Number Sense – Lynn Spillers

Colt Brammer – 6th Place            Tyler Neal – 1st Place

Jeremy Parma                               Jayden Runge


5th Grade Dictionary Skills – Michelle Emmert

Bryson Brothers – 6th Place               Kirsten Cook

Sebastian Graham – 3rd Place            Brooke Marett – 2nd Place


5th Grade Art Smart – Sandy Rice – 1st Place Team

Lexi Alaniz – 5th Place                         Rosie Ellington – 6th Place

Bella Morgan – 3rd Place                     Gracie Murphy – 1st Place

McKenzie Shirley – 4th Place


5th Grade Spelling – Kim Willis

Caleb Cook                       Jacob Taylor

Drue Walker – 2nd Place


5th Grade Maps, Charts, and Graphs – Carolyn Shelton

Kalob Davis – 2nd Place             Cecilia Laza – 4th Place

Jessica Pearce – 3rd Place         Ayden Walker







Tarkington Intermediate Dress Code

Fingertip length – all shirts worn over leggings, dresses, and shorts must reach past the student’s fingertips when the student is standing straight up with arms at the sides. (The top layer must be fingertip length.)

Holes in jeans – no skin above the knee may show. 

Sleeveless shirts – must be three adult fingers wide at the shoulder.

Hats - only allowed on designated hat days.

“Raise your hands and touch your toes— if anything shows,

go change your clothes!”


Lunch Schedule 2019 – 2020

5th Grade Front Pod – May, Morrison, Spillers

11:00 – 11:30


4th Grade Group 2 – Dauenhauer, Hankins, Thomas, L. Walker

11:30 – 12:00


4th Grade Group 1 – Deming, Street, Velasquez

12:00 – 12:30


5th Grade Back Pod – Emmert, Rice, C. Walker, Willis

12:15 – 12:45

Here are a few things to keep in mind about lunches:

Adult Lunches are $2.75

Sweet and Unsweet Tea are available for adults

Please do not take pictures of anyone except your child

Please limit your phone usage (no students using the phone)

For the security of students, a staff member must open the door to the cafeteria for you and also for you to get back in the building

$0.50 Ice Cream Day – Wednesdays

YouTube Thursdays – be prepared for cool videos and loud music/singing/dancing/laughing


Tarkington Intermediate School

Calesta House, Principal

Jessiene Bruce, Assistant Principal

Lynette Croft, Counselor

Rosa Yancey, Administrative Assistant/Registrar


TIS Campus Calendar

Upcoming Events

Contact Information & Schedule

Tarkington Intermediate School
2770 FM 163 Rd. 
Cleveland, Texas 77327

Phone: 281-592-6134
Fax: 281-592-2453


School Hours

Monday through Friday: 7:15 am - 4:00 pm

Students released to classrooms: 7:45 am 

Class Instruction begins / tardy bell rings:  7:55 am

Attendance bells: 9:05 am and 3:25 pm  

Dismissal Bell: 3:30 pm 



Please make all transportation changes before 2:30.

No student pickups from the office after 3:00 pm.

This will help ensure that your child gets home the correct way each day.



The Parent and Family Engagement CONNECTION

Title 1

Tarkington Intermediate is a Title I campus.  The campus program is a school-wide program, which allows Title 1 funds and resources to be used to benefit the entire campus student population. Tarkington Intermediate continually monitors the implementation of the Title I plan and welcomes input from parents, school staff, and community members regarding its current and future Title I plans. If you would like to participate on the school’s Title I planning team or make comments on the plan, please contact the principal at 281-592-6134.